Swansboro Area Citizens for Responsible Economic Development (SACRED) is a grass roots organization of Swansboro area residents. SACRED was formalized as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation in June of 2015, and is run by volunteers devoted to help the Swansboro area develop in ways which improve our economy, stability, and quality of life standards of the Swansboro area.  Our current efforts are focused on persuading a 158,000sq ft Walmart Supercenter development from being built in its proposed location (adjacent to public schools and residential areas, and at a pinch point on NC 24).  SACRED members believe that a Supercenter development is a mismatch for this location.

SACRED members have filed a legal complaint to roll back the development permit. Some have viewed this action as a lifeline to the town as this the best hope Swansboro has from allowing a big box store from upsetting the town and its infrastructure.   This legal action carries an expense however. So SACRED has a number of fundraising activities underway, and we are asking for assistance.

SACRED has filed for a tax deductible status with the IRS.  While this filing takes over a month to process, upon the IRS acceptance your contributions (starting from the beginning of SACRED) is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  SACRED is organized under Chapter 55A of the General Statues of North Carolina, and upon approval will be permitted under Code § 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

For your convenience donations can be made through PayPal and GoFundMe or checks can be made out to SACRED28584. Please include your address and email.

In addition, checks can be written directly to our professional service providers, should that be your preference.  Please contact SACRED at for details

SACRED will provide receipts along with tax code numbers for all donations (cash and non-cash).

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