Traffic FAQ

The proposed Walmart SuperCenter development is at terrible location from a traffic perspective. A development of this type would add traffic onto a currently congested roadway that is at a ‘pinch point’ (with no secondary parallel routes) of Hwy 24 in Swansboro. This document outlines the impact the proposed Walmart SuperCenter would have on traffic and safety and discusses issues with the Traffic Study done by the developer.

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Timeline FAQ

Many people have asked the question “How did we get here? How did the Town of Swansboro allow the Walmart permit to go through?” While much of this has been discussed in articles in the newspapers, the Town did not do a good job in keeping the public apprised of the situation. In fact, much was hidden in executive and closed door meetings in 2014 and 2015. To help you understand what exactly happened, we have combed through records and developed the following timeline. Please take the time to read it. It’s rather enlightening, and perhaps a bit maddening . . .

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