June 16th, 2015 at 6:00pm – SACRED Public Demonstration

Board of Commissioners Regular Public Meeting 

This is an essential meeting because they are voting to change an ordinance set last year to restrict building sizes to no more than 40,000 sq ft. This change would in essence create a loophole that would allow the Swansboro Investors LLC (Developers) building permit to be in compliance. It also may open the door for other larger development projects.

We need to stop this! We must sway more commissioners to vote against this ordinance. The public, SACRED supporters and others, will have an opportunity to speak about the agenda items. 

At this meeting, we plan to provide the Commissioners information that shows that the Swansboro Investor LLC traffic plans and safety reports were misleading. 

We hope the commissioners will see their way clear for the town to stand its ground and halt this development by refusing any ordinance changes on June 16th, 2015. It is VITAL that everyone show up next week wearing white. They need to look us in the eye before they sign away the future of our town.

Recap of June 10th “Special Meeting and Workshop”

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