SACRED Communication Guidelines

Any SACRED communication (written, verbal or otherwise) shall adhere to the following:

  • Stay on point – where, our points of contention with the Walmart SuperCenter are:
    • Traffic – Questionable study and plan
    • Safety (e.g., close proximity to schools)
    • Community and economic impact
  • Off-limit topics for SACRED documents or SACRED representative verbal discussions:
    • Walmart bashing – Anything related to Walmart’s business practices, the products that they sell, etc. should not be discussed. In many ways, we have to treat it the same as if it were Kmart or other large discount store. Posting factual information (with references) on Walmart stores (e.g., crime profiles, economic impact on a small towns, etc.) is acceptable.
    • Commissioners – No personal criticisms allowed. We need to sway these folks to our side and in most cases these people trying to do their best with part-time hours. They need to be educated as they do not always have the background needed to sort through the difficult issues. And, like anyone else, we have to give them an ‘out’ and asking them to do what’s right.
    • Developers – We can state fact as to their actions or other tangible data points. But we cannot make comments as to their character, etc.
  • Tripping points:
    • Do not make a big deal over specifics that are easily changed. Examples:
      • No fence around property – this is easily resolved by installing a fence. But the proximity isn’t something that they can easily fix.
      • Open retention pond – again, this can be fenced.
    • Make presumptions or statements that you cannot back up with hard data.
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