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Articles related to the recent Walmart store closings

The News & Observer – Op-Ed “In Oriental, Walmart Express experiment takes a toll”

Bloomberg Business – “Wal-Mart: It Came, It Conquered, Now It’s Packing Up and Leaving”

Being Charis Blog – “Walmart’s Little Experiment Screwed My Hometown” (Oriental, NC)

CNN Money – “Walmart breaks deal to build stores in working-class D.C. district”

Consumerist – “Kids Football Team Wants Walmart To Rebuild Field Used To Build Store That Closed In Less Than A Year”

Fast Company – “This is what it looks like when Walmart tries to get its mojo back”

The State (South Carolina)– “Winnsboro Wal-Mart closing is a rarity, but still sparks shock, outrage”

KMUW (Kansas) – “Walmart Closings In Wichita Add To Local Food Deserts”
The list below is provided to help you to become familiar with concerns that researchers and other organizations have with Walmart. This list is by no means exhaustive and we welcome additions. Please email the title and link to

Walmart Related Videos

FRONTLINE explores the relationship between U.S. job losses and the American consumer’s insatiable desire for bargains in “Is Wal-Mart Good for America?” Through interviews with retail executives, product manufacturers, economists, and trade experts, correspondent Hedrick Smith examines the growing controversy over the Wal-Mart way of doing business and asks whether a single retail giant has changed the American economy.

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price is a 2005 documentary film by director Robert Greenwald. The film presents a negative picture of Walmart’s business practices through interviews with former employees, small business owners, and footage of Walmart executives. Greenwald also uses statistics interspersed between interview footage, to provide an objective analysis of the effects Walmart has on individuals and communities.

Economic Impact

Top Reasons the Walton Family and Walmart are NOT “Job Creators”
Report: Walmart State and Local Tax Avoidance Exceeds $400 Million Annually
Walmart Executive Bonuses Cost Taxpayers Millions
Rolling Back Property Tax Payments
The Other Problem with Walmart

Education & Philanthropy

The Walmart 1% – Why do the Waltons care about education?
Does Waltons’ Philanthropy Inoculate Them against Criticism of Walmart?
Mega-rich Walmart heirs give almost none of their own money to Walton Family Foundation


A quick review of reported cases reveals that Wal-Mart parking lots are a virtual magnet for crime
Justice Starcher, West Virginia Supreme Court Doe v. Wal-Mart, Inc. 210 W. Va. 664, 558 S.E. 2d 663 (2001)

Walmart Crime Report 2014 (will download document)  From a blog Non-Violent Grass Roots Reform and Democracy – Walmart Watch. Under each month you can click on the headline be redirected to the original news item.
Crime and Wal-Mart — “Is Wal-Mart Safe?” – An Analysis of Official Police Incidents at Wal-Mart Stores
Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates? The Wal-Mart Effect on Crime in the United States
Wal-Mart Parking Lots Are A Virtual Magnet For Crime
Wal-Mart’s Impact on Local Police Costs
Beech Grove police look for answers to increasing Walmart runs
Port Richey police: Nearly half of city’s crime comes from local Walmart
Walmart Linked To Higher Crime Rates: Study


There are several places with the Walmart developer’s Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is faulty.  The Walmart developer is assuming an additional load of 6,000 vehicle trips per day for customers coming and going from the Walmart (refer to Figure 1 of the Walmart TIA).  This projection was based on a weekday, for an average discount store of 158,000 sq ft.  The 6,000 vehicles per day is bad enough – adding nearly 50% more traffic to Highway 24.  However, the Walmart TIS is in error, and the traffic projections are worse than what they presented.  How is that, and where is the background for this claim?  Please refer to this well respected TTI study Discount Superstore Trip Generation .  It shows that:

1) Walmarts attract more traffic than the typical large discount store, and
2) The weekend generates far more traffic than weekday.

What does this mean?  Customer traffic will not be 6,000 vehicle trips per day, but more like 8,400 during weekend.  This comes close to doubling our weekday traffic flow, and with the compounded weekend tourist traffic, Swansboro will have some real problems.

Wins against Walmart

Aug 7, 2014 – Wal-Mart’s request to build SuperCenter in Oxon Hill denied by zoning official (School Impact)

Big Box Toolkit – Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Fact Sheets

Big-Box Blight: The Spread of Dark Stores A growing number of towns are inundated with chronically vacant big-box stores and shopping centers. Here’s how to prevent big-box blight in your community.
Five Myths About Big-Box Retail Do big-box stores really create jobs, boost tax revenue, and grow the economy? This fact sheet counters common myths about big-box development.
How Big is Too Big Help people visualize and understand just how big these stores are and how their size affects the community and local economy.
Impact of Big-Box Stores on Jobs and Wages Despite substantial evidence that big-box stores reduce employment and lower wages, many local officials still believe these stores are job creators. Set the record straight.
Impact of Big-Box Stores on Taxes and Public Costs When evaluating retail development proposals, municipal officials often focus on only one side of the equation: the amount of new tax revenue that the project will generate. It’s easy to overlook the fact that big-box stores and shopping centers also create new costs.
Impact of Big-Box Stores on Traffic A 200,000- square-foot superstore typically generates more than 10,000 car trips on weekdays and more on Saturdays.
Locally Owned vs. Chain: The Local Premium While dollars spent at locally owned stores stimulate the local economy, dollars spent at chains are siphoned out of the community.
Toxic Runoff: How Big-Box Stores Pollute Lakes and Streams Polluted storm water runoff from big-box parking lots is a major threat to lakes, streams, and estuaries.
Walmart’s Impact on Police Costs Many cities report that big-box retailers generate large numbers of police calls, creating new costs for local government and reducing police presence and response times in other areas.

Key Studies

Click here to see the best available research on the impacts of big-box retailers. We provide summaries of the primary findings of more than three dozen studies that examine such questions as: Does Wal-Mart boost employment? Do big-box stores increase tax revenue? Do independent businesses keep more money circulating locally?

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